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An immersive live art installation exploring the topsy-turvy nature of Carnival, aiming to disrupt what we think we know about the Carnivalesque. Welcome to the Anti-Carnival.

Elen Gibbons, Renata Novaes & Callum Lee Jones

Speak.Speak again.

‘Nothing is translatable. Everything is translatable’. Speak. Speak again explores meaning in transition and the way we perform ourselves through language and gesture. shh, recording in session.

Thuthuka Sibisi & Franciska Ery

Speak.Speak again. is 3 hours and 45 minutes long. The audience is free to come and go as they please.

Za'atar Rain

Maybe it’s the fact that we sat next to each other,

the fact that I kept stumbling into her in the street, and in long unending corridors.

Maybe it didn’t even happen

A pigeon. A pita. And a girl.

Oh, and there’s also the border.

Now how do I get there?

Maya Goldstein 

Murder of an Apple.

An apple in a plastic bag. An apple in a sealed plastic bag. An apple in a sealed plastic bag with words, dates, and places on it. An apple in a sealed plastic bag with words, dates, and places on it, hanging from the ceiling. She chews on the plastic bag. She chews on the seal. She chews on the words, dates, and places. She needs the plastic bag to know the apple. She cannot know the apple with the plastic bag. An apple hanging from the ceiling.

SHI Rui, WU Lok Yee Alphina & YANG Zhiyan



House Taken Over

Live cinema performance combining multi-layered narrative and playing with the different perspectives through which we look at one thing. The performance plays with juxtaposition of the life seen through camera lens and human eye in an immersive journey into the relativity of size and scale.

Francine Kliemann & Pannaga Jois


Orchard is a performer-activated installation that investigates how the body can stand apart from, and merge with, its environment. With the ever-present risk that performer activity might knock the one hundred vertically balanced poles to the floor, the piece is a movement exploration into how the human form can adapt to and overcome the constraints of its environment.

Elinor Lewis with Nuria Legarda Andueza.

All Things Considered and Incomplete

Brought together from across Europe, artists Beatrice Benedek, Konstantinos Foukis, Maud Lannen playfully and candidly improvise text, sound, movement and the occasional audience experiment in this playful performance. What happens when nothing happens? Or when it’s not working?

Beatrice Benedek, Konstantinos Foukis & Maud Lannen

The Dream Method…Learning to attract what you deserve

Part 1: Success

Part Ted Talk, part live gig, and part self-help philosophy promotional tour, this performance is led by ground breaking celebrity new wave self-help gurus Immie Davies and Martha Llewellyn. The ultimate rags to riches story for the modern age. Realise the power of YOU!

By Immie Davies &  Martha Llewellyn


Participants: Sonia Dietrich and People of the Internet <Internal Fatal Error> explores how a breakdown of internal computer systems is tightly related to mental health and identity crisis. As a consequence of people being used as sellable DATA commodity and influence of this to the current political climate.


Video contains flashing imagery and is age sensitive. Sensory Overload.

If you wish to experience this performance with Virtual Reality you will need to have the following link ready in your mobile device:
Link will only work in performance space. 15 VR sets available. More information at the door.

Sonia Dietrich     

things last (no) longer than the time it takes for them to happen

This work attempts to look into, through and beyond the English Channel | La Manche. Through framing, this space in between is reimagined and other layers are unfolded and revealed. The edges on either side become stages from which to contemplate the time, space and distance in-between. Now but then, near but far, connected but apart.

Ghida Hachicho & Jin Bells